Ju's Creations History

Ju’s Creations’ owner, Julie Harrison, had a vision at age seventeen of owning her own business and earning an income from her embroidery. Due to business red tape this dream was put aside till March 2006, when Ju’s Creations was founded. Julie’s older brother Dave, had always encouraged her to have a web-based business, and in June 2007, she discovered Etsy and this dream took flight.

Mission Statement

Ju’s Creations exists for the Sole purpose of providing a Personal Income Venue for future mission work in Africa. I Thess. 4:11-12.

Ju’s Creations supports the David William Harrison and Lynda Gayle Nutt Memorial Library, located within the Aids Education Center at Chidamoyo Christian Hospital in Zimbabwe Africa. I hope you will help me support this endeavor.


Ju’s Creations Specializes in embroidery. The three qualities that set this embroidery apart are:

  1. I use two strands of floss creating a finer appearance
  2. I create very small stitches
  3. The products listed have not been sewn on a sewing machine or embroidery machine

Ju’s Creations provides unique, handmade, non-machine embroidered gifts such as quilts, Wall Art, and Housewares.

Check my blog periodically for other items that are available yet do not fit the criteria for Etsy. Special orders are welcome. Thank you for visiting; I welcome your feedback and appreciate your business.

“Visual Arts through the eye of a needle.”™